The Sound Monster
Season 1, Episode 2
Vital statistics
Air date Unknown
Written by Scott Lyall
Directed by Unknown
Episode guide
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The Missing Alien The Raton Invasion

The Sound Monster was the second episode of Creepy Guy.

Plot Edit

Creepy Guy, with his two companions are taken by ADT soldiers to the leader, Colonel Wentround. His companions run off and he is left on his own. The Colonel turns out to be an alien, a Sound Monster which threatens humanity. Creepy Guy manages to get away and warn Tie-ga, who sends the three of them to the Sound Monster's den. They find the real Colonel Wentround and after destroying the Sound Monster, free him.

Characters Edit

  • Creepy Guy
  • Tie-ga
  • Hannah
  • The Sound Monster
  • ADT Soldiers
  • Colonel Wentround

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