Creepy Guy
First Incarnation
Species Time Master
Portrayed by Unknown
Age 158 (as of 'The Missing Alien')
Status Active
First appeared in The Missing Alien
Last appeared in still in series

Creepy Guy is a Time Master from the planet of Rockform 3.

Early Life Edit

Creepy Guy was born in Rockform 3. At age 150, Creepy left Rockform 3 to travel the universe. On one trip which was meant to be to an Earth colony ship, his time capsule was brought out of the time vortex and into outer space round 21st century Earth. His time capsule was functioning like a spaceship so he took the time capsule to have an emergency landing.

Earth Edit

Creepy Guy landed on Earth in a park. With his robotic tiger 'Tie-ga', he ventured round. He quickly met Hannah Templeton, a human. His superiors at Rockform 3 ordered him to ask Hannah to be his companion. Hannah reluctantly accepted and they journeyed together.

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